The brand called you.

At UWM, I had the pleasure of taking a class in personal branding. The main project for this course was to develop a personal design vision, complete with our own logo, a resume, a cover letter template, business cards and a custom envelope to house everything. Designing these stationaries was one of the most rewarding processes, as it allowed me to dip my toes into the field of branding, opening up my eyes to the possibilities of this realm. The final result? A cohesive, one-of-a-kind selfhood developed by me, for me. 


My personal logo was perhaps the most exciting piece of this project. My logo design experience is limited, so creating something with no clear brief or initial vision gave me the utmost freedom to explore. What my classmates and professor liked most about the final design is how non-obvious it is as a monogram of my initials (TVD).

My business cards were equally exciting. For these, I wanted to push one design element in particular: dark on one side, light on the other. The murdered out front features a spot gloss, reflective emblem on dark gray. The cards were printed through, and needless to say, the company absolutely crushed this task.


How does one choose colors for themselves? This question (which seems relatively easy to answer) ended up being one of the biggest challenges for this project. The black on black was a no-brainer to me; it's sleek, unique, and just flat out sexy. From this, I decided to add in a light gray to contrast and act as 180 degree flip, both literally and figuratively. I find myself attracted to warmer tones, so when I came across the color above, I instantly fell in love. The orange combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow, in addition to exercising a balancing act in my brand. It's hot, eye-catching, bold, powerful, yet non-aggressive; all descriptors of the work I aim to develop in my current and foreseeable career. The final palette just feels me, as strange as that may sound.