So like, what do you eat?

This Design & Visual Communication project focused around my daily nutrition as a vegan in college. We were tasked with analyzing one aspect of a regular day, and from such, told to gather information and analytics on what we chose. I of course chose my diet as a base, as this would allow me to look at every fragment of what I eat (something I get questioned on every day). This project then became an opportunity to show off my photography skills, evolving into a multi-disciplinary poster. The final print is life-sized at 24'' x 36''.


The setup process for my first food photography session was certainly my biggest challenge. Not only was I tasked with making food into pie graphs and data that communicates, but I had to set up a composition which would later contain type and design - realms which weren't yet completed. I did however, have an idea of how I wanted the poster to flow. One thing many people who do food photography realize that I didn't initially, is the fact that food is extremely time-sensitive. Because of this, I found myself at war with a timer; a war I'd like to consider won.