from paper to plaster. #gettheleadout

In my second typography course, we were tasked with creating a pair of posters based on the UN Declaration of Human Rights. The first poster was to focus on an article from the document, and the second a violation of that article; the above image shows my final poster designs. My designs focus around Milwaukee's lead-contaminated pipelines which affect tens of thousands of individuals in my city. Being the type of person who seems to never be satisfied, I decided to translate the two posters into a floor to ceiling mural, set to be on display at one of my university's art shows. 


After reaching out and pitching my project to numerous printing companies, a small team called Brilliant DPI, got back to me with interest in sponsoring my print. The team was incredibly helpful in this process, and there is no way I could have pulled off this installation if it weren't for them. You can view some of their work by visiting

The quality of the print was mind-blowing. Because of the sheer size of the print (9 feet by 12 feet), the design had to be broken up into three panels, which were in turn installed individually. The Brilliant DPI team executed the install seamlessly, efficiently, and timely. As it is clear, I can't express how helpful this crew was.


The final result is bold, energetic, eye-catching, and overall communicates really effectively. Seeing people interact with the mural at the show was a great sight. Installing the design around the floor's only water fountains was very successful, and even though the mural is only set to stay up for a month, there are faculty and students rallying to make it permanent. All in all, I couldn't be happier with how this crazy idea of mine turned out.