Living Simply in a Digital World


I’m sure we can all agree:

it’s incredibly hard to live simple in an age of ever-growing and ever-evolving technology.

Getting caught up in the buzz of the latest smart phone, the analytics on our last Instagram post and that ad for something we “didn’t know we needed” is far from far-fetched. In fact, it’s something that can inject itself into most of our lives, if not all of them. We are surrounded by and we utilize enormous amounts of technology every single day, and now more than ever, it’s becoming difficult to separate our digital lives with our physical ones.

The concept of minimalism isn’t a new one.

“Less is more” has become a statement so cliché that many of us, including myself, have turned numb to it’s true meaning.

In recent months however, a new application of minimalism has been popping up more and more across our online space: the concept of digital minimalism.

As a designer at heart, digital minimalism has been something I strive for day in and day out. In design, we do not look for things we can add, rather things we can take away and simplify. Design is about making things smarter, more intuitive, and easier. This parallels perfectly with the mission of digital minimalism.

Digital minimalism is simple:

Lay a minimalist foundation to your digital presence—a foundation which works for YOU. Clean up your computer files, delete apps you don’t use, regularly sift and delete your emails, deactivate out-dated accounts, regain control of your online finances, etc.

Applying minimalism to my online presence has kept me focused, intentional and has made me more conscious of the time I spend using tech. While today’s technology is incredibly powerful and valuable, it can also consume us and often we can lose track of the value of real-life.

The final message?

Use technology—don’t let technology use you.