get to know me!

Well hey there! If it's not obvious by now, my name is Tanner Van Dera (pronounced van-der-ay). I currently reside in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where I also attend university. With an anticipated, quickly-approaching graduation in Spring of 2019, I've truly begun realizing my dreams, goals, and hopeful endeavors in the creative realm. Though I typically focus my work in user-interface and user-experience, I've grown to realize that I'm the type of person who just wants to do it all.

My appreciation for artists and designers of all disciplines expands universally, and because of such, I've developed what I would call a "nothing is impossible" attitude towards creation. I've been involved with the digital arts since early high-school, something I feel a lot of people can not say; since this time, the field has truly become the backbone to my life. You can find some of my recent experience below!